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Blockchain could very well unlock many doors for insurers.

With its ability to heighten security, improve customer engagement and provide automated insurance services, the benefits to using blockchain seem unequivocal.

So, where are the opportunities for insurers to adopt?

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The blockchain in insurance white paper gives expert insight on how to:
  • Improve security and privacy: customer confidentiality and security concerns act as a barrier to insurers, get to grips with the way blockchain circumvent the challenges of security and privacy

  • Deliver better customer engagement: for years, insurance has been regarded with little trust by customers, discover how blockchain opens the doors to innovative engagement tools in insurance

  • Implement automated services: lengthy policy approvals and claims authorizations act as a deterrent to customers and are operationally inefficient, learn how blockchain can support fast and efficient automated services
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Blockchain, your key to unlocking insurance security, customer engagement and automated services
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