Insurer Success Stories – How valuable is intelligent automation, really?

The disruption of artificial intelligence and cognitive technologies is already here, and more is on the way.

For insurers, there is no doubt that intelligent automation will dramatically impact claims, underwriting, customer experience and more, but what are the steps to take your IA plans off the ground?

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  • IA Blueprint - While adoption of automating simple, repetitive processes through robotic process automation is common, many leaders are still grappling with how and where to extend into intelligent automation
  • The evolution of process automation: learn the steps you can take to move beyond basic robotics to intelligent interaction and realise automation's enterprise-wide potential
  • Develop a data-driven Intelligent Automation model through the practical application of structured and unstructured data to make the shift to cognitive automation

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Quick Preview of ‘Exceeding Expectations with Intelligent Automation’ Whitepaper

“Claims is tailor-made for automation. It’s all about applying rules to a situation. A really well-trained claims handler with the right information to hand will drive the right outcomes for the company. The challenge is how can technology and automation help them do it better and quicker.”

Steve Tait, Head of Claims Automation, RSA

“Businesses need to do a lot of work building use cases, so they understand what AI can and cannot do. People focus too much on what AI can do for them and forget what they need to change in the organization to make sure it’s successful.”

Christophe Castan, Head of Artificial Intelligence – Digital Transformation, AXA

“Any automation or AI proof of concept (POC) should be led by the business and not by IT. With us, robotics sits in the operational excellence department. It’s there to listen to the voice of the customer and up to the business to come up with solutions around it. Yes, you will need IT assistance and, if you commit to it, in-house capability but you have to have the right people with a view across the business who can see the scale up opportunities”

Scott Jacobs, Operations Excellence Lead, QBE

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Insurer Success Stories – How valuable is intelligent automation, really?

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