Insurance Claims Strategy & Innovation Survey Results 2018
Market Leaders Speak Out on Latest Claims Transformation Processes

Only 39% of survey respondents agreed that their claims process is close to being ‘simple, streamlined and efficient.’

We asked over 400 senior insurance representatives, if this is the case, what needs to happen right now to bring about a positive change? 

Download the survey results and uncover the latest transformation strategies >>>>

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  • Insurer priorities when embarking on a journey of innovation- What are the leading insurers addressing right now? Claims simplification? Dynamic customer communications? Compare your organisation’s strategy with the market consensus.
  • Definitions of ‘successful transformation.’ How are insurers quantifying success? What are the next steps? Discover how your transformation process is shaping up alongside the market leaders.
  • Which technologies will have the biggest impact on claims in the next 5 years? Surely automation is top of the bill? But what of machine learning, big data… Is blockchain having an impact? Don’t get left behind and uncover the latest technology trends.
  • Which companies are leading the way? Is your organisation one of those highlighted by our survey participants? What can you do to make sure your company is flagged as a true innovator this time next year?

Download the survey results and uncover the latest transformation strategies >>>>

Here’s a snapshot of the companies that took part:

Download the survey results and uncover the latest transformation strategies >>>>

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